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Baku - The capital of Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan, the largest city in the Caucasus and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is compared with Naples, San Francisco and other big cities of the world. The city is situated on the southern coast of the Absheron Peninsula and is the largest port in the Caucasus.
According to one version, the name Azerbaijan comes from the Persian language "Badkube" - "wind blow", probably because of strong winds, hence "Baku - the city of winds", according to another version, Baku means - a city on the hill. The name Azerbaijan is found in written sources from the IX century. But the historical sources indicate that the settlements on the place of the city appeared long time ago. They tell about the area, notable with "flames rising from underwater rocks". These "eternal" fires appeared in spots of natural gas yield.
The evidences of the ancient age of the city are rock carvings left by primitive people on the walls of caves in Absheron and Gobustan (12 thousand years ago), as well as various archaeological finds, rock inscription left by Augustus, Gaius Octavius, narrating of military camps, set in this area in the I century BC. Considering all given above, we can establish that the city of Baku is more than 5,5 thousand years old. Throughout its history the city has endured a lot - several times he was completely burned and looted, but revived again.

Baku, Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan

Today Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. In the capital of Azerbaijan, are spoken three languages: Azeri, Turkish and Russian. In Baku you can feel the fusion of eras and cultures and meet the architectural monuments of various international schools of architecture.
In Baku resides over half of the whole country’s population (more than two million inhabitants). Here concentrated the oldest oil fields, the famous Oil Stones of deep base, powerful crane vessels, modern floating rigs. Baku is also a cultural center of Azerbaijan. Here was opened the first National Theatre, the first library and appeared in print the first newspaper. In the modern city is also well developed the entertainment industry: 7 theaters, 11 universities, 30 museums, a philharmonic society, libraries and cinemas, restaurants and nightclubs.

Baku, Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan


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