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Qala in Baku

Qala, Baku

Qala is a village in Baku known for its rich historical past. Since 1988 the territory of the village has been considered as the State Historical and Ethnographic Reserve, on territory of which there are 243 historical and architectural monuments (including mosques, baths, ovdans (water reservoirs), dwelling houses etc.)
The name “Qala” means “fortress”, because earlier there was a citadel built in the 14th century; unfortunately, only the remnants of the original structure and the adjacent Djuma Mosque have survived.
In the outskirts of the village in one of the houses there is an ethnographic museum. The museum collection includes copper kitchenware, pottery, tools and village utensils; the exposition also includes the stones with epigraphic inscriptions and drawings from the entire Absheron Peninsula.
Very interesting are the memorial buildings of Qala located in the ancient cemetery: there are different types of tombs, tent-shaped mausoleums. The tombs are associated with the custom of Turkic peoples to build yurts over graves.

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