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Museums of Baku

Museums in Baku

The first museum in Azerbaijan appeared in the late 19th century, when a school museum was established in the village of Nehram. In the beginning of the 20th century the Administration of the People's schools opened the Pedagogical Museum; around the same time the closed museum of Baku branch of the All-Russian Technical Society was established.
In 1921 the Azerbaijan State Museum, the exhibition, which was divided into sectors dedicated to archeology, history, ethnography and nature was opened. Later the department of art was added. After that, on the basis of the collections of the museum the Azerbaijan State Museum of Theatre (1934) and the Azerbaijan State Museum of Fine Arts (1936) were established. The Azerbaijan State Museum itself was transformed into the History Museum of Azerbaijan (1936).
In 1972 Baku received the world's only museum of carpets. The exhibitions of the museum were shown in more than 50 countries: England, Holland, Israel, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Turkey, France, etc.

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