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Major Sights of Baku


Baku is a city with a rich historical heritage consisting of amazing monuments, which have no analogues in the world. The main attractions are located in Baku, in the "old town", which called Baku acropolis, beyond the walls of the fortress Icherisher. You will find here Shirvanshakhs' Palace (XV cent.), Synyk-Kala Minaret (XI cent.) Maiden Tower (VII - XII centuries), "Bail Stones» (XIII cent.), The mausoleum of Sayyid Yahya Bakuvi, House Baku khans (XVIII cent.) numerous rich houses of the 19th century and much more. Maiden's Tower should be mentioned separately because it is shrouded in the aura of romantic legends, it is the unofficial symbol of the city.
But outside the city there can be found Zoroastrians Ateshgah temple and historical artistic reserve "Gobustan", where in ancient times preserved the unique rock drawings - petroglyphs.
Baku is a wonderful city. Every day spent in it promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

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Major Sights list: