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Flame towersDescription of Baku should start with the “most and most”: the biggest, the most beautiful, the most modern in Caucasus, as well as unusual, romantic, impressive, ancient… All in all, Baku is very attractive for tourists. It is pleasant to have a holiday here, and one wants to come back and never say goodbye to this city.

The capital of Azerbaijan being at the peak of of its economic groth is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities of the world and the biggest and most modern city in the Caucasus.

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It is not only economic and cultural center of Azerbaijan but the largest port in the Caspian Sea. Modern Baku charms with its beautiful architecture, great number of cultural places, ancient monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In different years, Baku held the largest international events, among them are Eurovision and 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, and the first European Games in 2015.

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The past of Baku is no less interesting than its present: the main touristic landmark of Baku is Icheri-Sheher, the ancient Baku fortress, where the city had taken its origin. There are many attractions to see: one of them is an ancient sanctuary of fire worshippers Ateshgyah, the heritage of pagan past of Azerbaijan; another one is Gobustan petroglyphs, home of primitive people, which tells about the life at the rise of the humanity and numerous other sights, that are definitely worth attention.

You can assess the whole grandeur of modern Baku and visit popular historical monuments and interesting natural places by choosing group or individual Baku tours or by requesting excursions to Baku with exclusive program of all must-see attractions of the Azerbaijani capital.

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