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Azerbaijan History Museum

Azerbaijan History Museum, Baku

Azerbaijan History Museum is the main museum of the country, which is situated in the former mansion of the banking house of the oil magnate and philanthropist, Haji Zeinalabdin Tagiyev. The visit to the museum is a fascinating journey narrating about the history of the country from ancient times until the present day. The museum has about 20,000 exhibits and approximately 280 thousand antique artifacts are kept in scientific collections.
The museum has the science council and a library; it publishes collections of articles, catalogs, albums and guidebooks.
The archaeological museum's collection features tools of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. One of the most valuable pieces of the collection is the jaw of a prehistoric man that lived approximately 300-350 thousand years ago, found in Azykh cave in 1868.
In the ethnographic section of the museum you’ll see a large collection of carpets, in numismatic - coins minted in the time of Alexander the Great, the Arab Caliphate period, the Shirvanshahs era and many others.
The Azerbaijan History Museum has a large collection of weapons, the central part of which is occupied by weapons and armor of the Caucasus distinguished by rich decor.


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