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Carpet Museum in Baku

Carpet Museum, Baku

Azerbaijan has always been famous for the ancient art of carpet weaving, so it is not surprising that there in Baku was opened the world’s only Carpet Museum.
According to the results of archaeological research on the territory of Azerbaijan the art of carpet making emerged in the 9th century BC. Carpets were used to decorate walls and paving of floors in tents, yurts, homes and other buildings. The secrets of carpet weaving were handed down from generation to generation. Azerbaijani carpets reflect the nature’s beauty of the region. Carpets made by Azerbaijan craftsmen were admired by medieval travelers: Ibi Hanukal, Marco Polo, Jenkinson, Chalabi and others
 The  Azerbaijan  Carpet Museum gathered a rich collection of carpets. About one million items include both old and modern carpets and rugs. One of the most precious is the drop-patterned carpet with a national ornament, “Hili Buta”, woven by Karabakh women in the 10th century. Beside the carpets the museum also displays articles made of ceramics and bronze, jewelry, and needlework providing the opportunity to follow the relationship between the development of carpet ornaments and other types of folk art.

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